How to wash a hockey jersey (Explained)

How to wash a hockey jersey

Hockey jerseys are expensive. If you want to keep your jersey looking new, you’ll need to wash it regularly.

But washing a jersey isn’t always as simple as throwing it into the machine. If you want to keep your jersey looking its best, follow these simple steps.

Let’s get into it!

How do you wash a hockey jersey?

You’ve just spent some serious cash on your new jersey, accidentally got it dirty with food stains or what have you, and now you’re freaking out because you don’t know how to wash it without potentially ruining it. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

1. Turn the jersey inside out

jersey inside out

Turning your jersey inside out before putting it in the washing machine will prevent it from coming into contact with detergent that can cause fading. It will also protect the stitching, numbers, wording and crest of your jersey.

2. Wash your jersey by itself

Wash jersey by itself

Washing your jersey by itself, or with other jerseys that are the same color, is extremely important. Washing your hockey jersey with other articles of clothing that are not the same color can cause discoloration and ruin the jersey.

3. Water temperature (use cold water)

You want to use cold water when washing your hockey jersey, hot water and warm water can cause fading and potential damage to crests.

4. Use a gentle cycle

The most common question people have is what setting to wash hockey jerseys on?

The answer is a gentle cycle. In order to keep your jersey fresh and looking brand new, you always want to ensure you are washing it using a low spin, delicate cycle.

A gentle washing cycle is one of the most significant parts of the jersey cleaning process, as it prevents your jersey from being roughed up and potentially damaged.

Trust me, the gentle wash cycle is your friend!

5. Detergent

First things first, you want to go easy on the detergent!

Avoid using regular detergent. You need to be using detergent that is color safe with no bleach in it. Liquid detergents sometimes have ingredients that can damage your jersey, so it’s best to use a powdered detergent.

This will keep your hockey jersey from fading and keep it looking fresh for a long time.

6. Say no to fabric softener!

When it comes to hockey jerseys, fabric softener is not your friend. It contains chemicals which can affect the texture of your Jersey, giving it a less authentic look.

That’s it! Sure, washing your hockey jersey takes a little more effort than regular clothes, but it’s worth it to keep them looking brand new and free of stains.

How do you clean a signed hockey jersey?

clean a signed hockey jersey

Have a signed jersey that’s gotten a little dirty and could use a wash? Ignore everything you just read! It requires an entirely different cleaning method.

The best way to clean a signed hockey jersey is by handwashing it using cold water and a very diluted, color safe detergent. Machine washing a signed jersey will almost certainly result in a loss of the signature.

Try to only work on the area of the jersey that needs cleaning. To protect the signature, you can put a piece of paper over top of it and then tape around the corners of the paper.

As always, avoid putting the jersey in the dryer and let it air dry.

Do hockey jerseys shrink in the wash?

People are often afraid to wash their jerseys because they think they could possibly shrink them.

The truth is, most hockey jerseys are made from polyester and other synthetic fabrics that are not prone to shrinkage. So your hockey jersey will not shrink in the washing machine.

So next time you get your dirty, just follow the simple steps I outlined above, and you’ll be good to go!

Can you put a hockey jersey in the dryer?

The common thing to do after you wash your clothes is to put them in the dryer, but should you do the same with your jersey?

No. Do not put your hockey jersey in the dryer. Putting your jersey in the dryer will result in the crest on the jersey being ruined. Always hang dry your jerseys to keep them safe and free from damage.

The first time I washed a jersey, I was in a rush to get it cleaned and dry, so I wouldn’t be late for a game. Naturally, I ignored all common sense and immediately threw it in the dryer to dry it off quickly.

Let’s just say it didn’t go well, and I ended up wearing a sweater to the game.

How to get creases out of hockey jersey crests

A common issue people face when washing their jersey is the crest, or logo, becoming creased. Don’t worry, it’s not a tough issue to fix.

You can get the creases out of your hockey jersey crest by either ironing them out or putting something heavy like a book down on top of it to flatten it out and remove the creases.

If ironing, make sure you put a t shirt or something similar over the crest and ensure the iron is on low-heat and high steam. Go over it for about 10 seconds and the creases should be gone!

Final thoughts

If you want to keep a jersey looking new, make sure you wash it properly.

For the best results always wash your jersey by itself, turn it inside out, use cold water, use a gentle cycle, use a color safe detergent, and say no to fabric softener.

Never, under any circumstances, put a hockey jersey in a dryer.

Hope this helped!